Welcome to the Legendary Labour Club

Welcome to the Legendary Labour Club. A place run by music lovers with a diy community spirit, we may not be the shiniest place in town but we have a rolling programme of music that sees visiting artists from all over the world. We also run comedy nights, community events and offer a space for promoters, parties and people with plans…

Our open membership means that everyone is welcome, come & be part of one of the nicest members-only clubs you’ll ever be in.

Any questions or info required email us at   Askllc@live.com



Good evening all

I am getting in touch with people who may be interested in ensuring the future of the club; As you know the club has gone through some difficult times over the past year and although we have managed to make major achievements repaying creditors, we are now faced with deciding the future of the club.

Nova after many years needs to step down as secretary for family reasons and we desperately need to look at the committee structure and management of the club, or else we may be faced with a situation where we will be forced to close.

I am proposing a meeting where interested parties as well as former committee members can come together and look at the possible options for the future. Hilary and Leo if you could make it to help look at what has happened previously it would be appreciated.

I propose a meeting on Monday 20th of October at 7.30. It would be fantastic if you could look to attending to help us stratergise a way forward and look at the business. If you know anyone already affiliated that may be interested please let me know.

Please let me know if you’ll be able to attend by either email to this address or by contacting me on my number 07905522609.

Many thanks to everyone

Wayne Keown